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EMB 130 - Billy Pfeiffer
March 26, 2013 06:59 PM PDT
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Drum and Bass

Billy Pfeiffer - NYC

The Urban Bear - Pfat Beats

DJ Billy Pfeiffer has been a long time contributor to Electronic Muscle Bears and while his first love is house, he’s put together some new drum and bass for this edition. Billy began mixing records during the heyday of Chicago House in the late 80's. A fixture in NYC since the early 90's, Billy currently throws his occasional Body Rock party as well as DJ's the legendary Sunday Beer Blast at Rockbar NYC.

"Flow", Integration Now
"Elevate this Sound", Calyx/Teebee
"One Starry Night", Chinensis
"Forget", Mutt & Generic feat. Kevin King
"The Gift", SpectraSoul
"Whisper", Drifta
"Have a Ball", Dekoi
"A Perfect Place", Illusive Minds
"Sign", Collective Unconscious
"After Hours", Oak
"Sirene Noir", Darkhalo

EMB 129 - Lady Blacktronika
February 16, 2013 01:06 PM PST
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Lady Blacktronika


In 1997 she hooked up with dj friend Mattski who gave her first taste of music production doing vocals on numerous unreleased house tracks with him. Frustrated with "the boys not letting [her] play with their toys" she began trying her hand at house music and techno production in 2006, producing Beatdown tracks inspired by such Detroit greats as Theo Parrish, Moodymann, and Norma Jean Bell.

In early '07 Mike Huckaby discovered her on Myspace. He introduced her to a global audience on a Detroit radio broadcast. She released her first single shortly there after on Deep Explorer in September of '07.

She infuses experiences from her past in gritty street life while bringing a woman's sensitivity and emotion to the Beatdown genre and Chicago influenced House music.

EMB 128 - Da Bassbreaker
February 04, 2013 11:21 PM PST
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Da Bassbreaker - New York


A Frenchman who recently immigrated to the United States, Arnaud aka "Da Bassbreaker" was born in the 70s and raised to the sounds of Moroder and Jarre. So when house, techno, new beat invaded the European underground dance scene in the early 90s, he naturally joined the movement. Inspired by pioneers like DJ Laurent Garnier or Derrick May who followed all the ramifications electronic music was creating, Da Bassbreaker has remained committed to embrace the whole spectrum of electronic and dance music, regardless of tags and genres. His mixes often blend deep house into noisy techno, a sort of métissage culturel between Chicago, Detroit, Berlin, London, New York and Paris.


  1. Jorge Velez - Untitled 4
  2. Subway - Satellites
  3. Truss - Ganymede (Perc Dub Mix)
  4. Bas Mooy - Odd Rok (Pfirter Remix)
  5. Sigha - Puritan
  6. DBX - Losing Control
  7. Truncate - Modify
  8. Robert Hood - Master Builder
  9. A. Mochi - C2M (Gary Beck Remix)
  10. Dadub - Life (Rrose Remix)
  11. Secret Cinema & Peter Horrevorts - Ana Bola
  12. Go Hiyama - Personal (Original Mix)
  13. Greg Gow - Black Sun
  14. Kevin McPhee - Pumpkin
  15. Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage
  16. Ege Bam Yasi - Sponge
  17. DJ Hell - Allerseelen (Jeff Mills Remix)
  18. Juantrip - Shadows
EMB 127 - Chipmint
January 30, 2013 10:28 PM PST
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Tech/Deep House

Chipmint - San Francisco


DJ ChipMint - Nomad. Dancer. Lover. After hearing "Tardy for the Party" by Kim Zolciak for the first time, DJ ChipMint (Kevin O'Connor) realized that literally anyone can do this shit if they put in the effort. While he (she?) didn't have a childhood, ChipMint has always eaten music. 

Whether you are getting down to his dark grooves at his Summer party in Ptown, or popping your panties out at one of his off-season encounters, he just wants to see you dance. Making noise for himself as a DJ, with music production in the works, this silly man will blow your brains out all over the dance floor, and he thanks plenty of gods that he doesn't have to clean it up. 

ChipMint can be seen giging his brains out in San Francisco (Oh!, BCW, Stank, etc.) this Winter and Spring and in Provincetown in the Summer, with forays to LA, Toronto (Shout out to Cub Camp!), and NYC imminent, and many other destinations in the works! Keep up with him on his Facebook page. Go on, friend him, it might hurt, but you like that sort of thing probably.

EMB 126 - Wes Baggaley
January 22, 2013 09:58 AM PST
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House & Techno

Wes Baggaley - London, UK


Wes started collecting music at a very young age. He got his first record player when he was six years old and started collecting ex jukebox 7” singles with his 50p a week pocket money.

After a brief flirtation with thrash metal he started to frequent the legendary Wigan Pier in his home town of Wigan in 1991 (he was underage I might add!). It was all rave and piano house at the Pier back then and he was bitten by the rave bug. In 1995 he went to Back to Basics in Leeds for a friend’s birthday. Some dj he’d never heard of called Derrick Carter was playing. He was playing proper house music, techno and disco mixed together. Wes hadn’t heard anyone dj this was before and soon started to obsessively try to get to every Derrick Carter gig in the UK and discovered other djs like playing different kinds of electronic dance music and started to track down the names of the tracks and collect mix tapes and 12” singles.

Wes finally bought a pair of Technics 1210’s and a mixer in 2010. He now lived in Manchester and had built up quite a collection of vinyl from hanging around the record shops of Oldham Street on a daily basis.

He got his first gig in September 2001 (1 week after buying the decks)at the newly opened (and now sadly closed) Legends Nightclub.  After a drunken conversation with the manager on a Friday night (that Wes couldn’t remember) he got a phone call on the Saturday asking him to play that night. Wes wasn’t going to let the small detail of not being able to mix get in the way. He must have done something right because he became the weekly resident for the next four years where he developed his mixing skills and his style of deep house, techno and whatever else he felt like playing J. He played got booked for various other gigs in Manchester at the Attic, Paradise Factory, the Deaf Institute and became a resident for the monthly Terrorist night before moving to London in 2010.

Since moving to London Wes has played at Megawoof, Dalston Boys Club, Area, Union and has a quarterly residency at Vogue Fabrics and is a resident at the Recon Parties. He has also been a guest on Proton Radio. 

Track List:

  1. Lee Gamble – M25 Echo
  2. Lucy – Finnegan
  3. Anthony Naples – Slackness
  4. Boddika – Soul What (Beats Mix)
  5. Paranoid London – Paris Dub 1
  6. Tripeo – 2nd Trip
  7. Delroy Edwards – Feelings
  8. Mike Huckaby – Basement Track
  9. Tuff City Kids – SFS
  10. Omar s – 998
  11. Chez Damier – Untitled
  12. Sound Stream – Inferno
  13. Italo Johnson – 3A
  14. Serge & Tyrell – Pump-O-Matic
  15. Arttu Feat. Jerry the Cat – Move (Cellar Mix)
  16. Willie Burns – The Overlord
  17. George Fitzgerald – Every Inch (Deetron Remix)
  18. Schweiz Rec – Untitled
  19. Delano Smith – Midnight Hours (Reconstructed By Carl Craig)
  20. Martin Landsky – 1000 Miles (Laurent Garnier Mix)
  21. Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness (Function Remix)
  22. Innerspace Halflife – Wind
  23. Bad News – Real Bad News
  24. Marquis Hawkes – Sea Lion Woman
  25. Da Sampla – Over 


EMB 125 - Boyshapedbox
November 24, 2012 06:50 PM PST
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Boyshapedbox - San Francisco, CA


Growing up, if you wanted to find Dicky (boyshapedbox) at a Rave, all you had to do was check out the DJ booth. Errrr….next to the DJ booth. Studying which knobs were being tweaked and when the needle was getting dropped, he slowly worked out the basics of how to spin records and the seeds of mixing music were planted. Trouble was he didn't have any equipment. Or money. Flash forward 10 years, he moved to San Francisco, was thrown behind turntables for a monthly party at The Transfer (RIP), and was officially bitten by the DJ bug; getting residencies at KumaSF, BootieSF, and Bearracuda, and traveling all over the country playing parties. He loves Bass House, Deep House, Tech House, Mashups, and Techno; anything as long as it's bassy and gets people moving.

Q-Tip - "Work It Out (Disclosure Booty Call Edit)":

First of all I wanted to start this off with a bang, and Q-Tip's flow over this baseline is nothing short of brilliant. Disclosure has been on the top of my list of "most watched artists this year" and I am consistently blown away by their sound.

De Contrebande - "Circle Circle Dot Dot (Original Mix)":

This mix was very much about bass lines for me and this track's bass line does not disappoint. Grindy and Warbly, it plays really way with the rhythm of the vocals. Plus there is something ridiculously fun about dancing to a song that has lyrics taken from my playground days. 

Hannah Wants & Lorenzo - "Oochie Bang":

If you haven't heard Nas's track "Oochie Walley" (where the sample is taken from) then you haven't heard what I think is quite possibly the filthiest, raunchiest, dirtiest rap song ever mad. Hannah Wants was also up there on my "most watched artists this year." Check out some of her promo mixes for some really great Bass House.

DJ Funk, Zombie Disco Squad - "Twerk (Original Mix)":

This track is a nod to my Raver days back in CT growing up and going to see DJ Funk's Ghetto Booty House sets with my friends. He was a lanky skinny-ass DJ back then with some B-squad razor-burn strippers he toured with, but MAN did he tear it up. 

White Label - "Flipmode!":

I wish I knew who did this track (if you know email me!). WHO DOESN'T LOVE BUSTA RHYMES?! 1998 ya'll! His double time, syncopated lyrical rhythms puts him years ahead of other rappers IMO.

Disclosure - "What's In Your Head (Mak & Pasteman Remix)":

I wanted to include another Disclosure track, this time a remix by the very talented Mak & Pasteman to show just how versatile their sound is. That choppy vocal gets stuck in my head so bad and I end up singing it and looking like a crazy person.

Michael Woods feat. Ester Dean - "We've Only Just Begun (Gorgon City Remix)":

If you haven't heard of "Gorgon City," the collaboration project of producers Foamo and RackNRuin, then run don't walk to their soundcloud. Bass House at it's finest. The build up's and drops in this remix are gorgeous.

Pasteman, Herobot - "Off The Chain (Original Mix)":

I love 3 things: Broken beats, dirty girl vocalists, and the phrases "That's Off The Chain like me" "You don't know nann ho" and "He all over there smelling' like boonk and Hennassey and shit." 

Deep City Groove - "Police Brutality (Dale Howard's Brutal Mix)":

I always try and include a track that really speaks to the children about real life. Just kidding. I just really love this bouncy beat that's Dale Howard's signature sound. Kind of a 90's House Party sound updated for today. That's the movement I'm a part of.

Justin Martin - "Don't Go (Dusky Remix)":

Under Disclosure and Hannah Wants on my "most watched artists this year" is Dusky. Haunting reverbed vocals and harp samples mixed with a bouncy bass line. Yes please! Check out his album "Stick By This" for more deliciousness.

Disclosure - "Tenderly (Original Mix)":

Am I breaking DJ rules by putting the same artist 3 times in the same mix? Well, I don't care. Disclosure is FANTASTIC. Plus this is the original mix of theirs and the other two are a remix they did, and a remix of one of their tracks done by someone else. UGH! BACK OFF! I DO WHAT I WANT! winking

Orbital - "Wonky (CSY & Stripes Remix)":

Growing up, Orbital was one of the first electronic artists I saw live and I was BLOWN AWAY. Wonky is their latest single after a long break and CSY & Stripes do a great job molding it into a something very bouncy and fun to dance to.

Julio Bashmore - "Battle For Middle You (Original Mix)":

And finally, to close it out, Battle For Middle You. MAN this track is so good. I heard it for the first time at a neighborhood party at Burning Man and it blew my mind! That sub-bass line shook my entire body (thank you Camp Conception!)

EMB 124 - Joe Armenia
November 07, 2012 05:24 PM PST


Joe Armenia - San Francisco 

Joe Armenia (sometimes known as Joe To Hell) is not a DJ. He is, however, someone with impeccable and extremely diverse musical taste. Because he has no talent of his own, Joe started a career in the music industry twenty years ago to exploit the talents of others. Joe books the main stage at Folsom Street Fair, which featured Little Boots, Ladyhawke, Hi Fashion and more in 2012. Follow him on Rdio, where his playlists make absolutely NO sense - rdio.com/people/joearmenia. Joe is a bad Twitterer, but is there anyway @joetohell.

When Joe grows up, he wants to be Sonja Morgan.


A Step In the Right Direction - Onuinu

I’m obsessed with this guy’s whole record, but this song the most. It all sounds like he recorded it in his closet, which is where he should hide now that I know what he looks like

Take My Pain Away - Moullinex

I know this guy from his work with my lady Peaches. Besides the fact that he is named after a kitchen appliance, this song is so catchy and DARE you to get it out of your head. The kind of jam you can shower and suds (don’t slip)

September (Punks Jump Up Mix) -  St. Lucia

I am on the fence with St. Lucia overall, because he sounds like Peter Cetera, but when you put PJU in charge of a remix, it’s all different. It’s delish.

Fog Of War (Baio Remix) -  Young Dreams

I had no idea Scott Baio remixed anything. A current favorite in rotation for me.

Let It Go (feat Shaun J Wright) - Stereogamous

Am I allowed to have this song? The world deserves to hear it already. It’s a masterpiece and makes me happy.

One o Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix) - Jupiter

This is a great song to make out to. Eventually the hips will gyrate and a full dryhump will commence. Trust.

Across The Sky - Urulu

I dunno why it took me so long to find this. Almost wallpaper music, and it’s a loop of the same thing over and over but I’m all about it.

Friends (Beni Remix) - Sneaky Sound System

I have been on an Australian rampage musically. Beni is a sexy man, so he could remix my morning shit and it would be heavenly to me. But I like how he altered the vocals to make it sound like a tranny. That’s art.

Infinity - Infinity Ink

There is something familaiar (read: unoriginal) about this. But that’s pretty much like me. It feels good in a Late Night Tales way….like one more martini and you will either get some or pass out.

Fuck Off Berlin - The Young Professionals

These Frenchies have been on the radar for a year or so, and I considered them for Folsom Street Fair this year. It’s my fave track off the full length album.

Nobody Rules The Streets - Brodinski

I have created a whole performance/drag routine/music video to this in my head. I play at least 5 characters. It's kinda hot. I perform it whilst making dinner alone.

Climbing Walls (Van She Remix) - Strange Talk

Another Aussie funpak. It’s pretty similar to the original. I wanted to put a Van She track on here, but in the interest of time, I combined both of them into one.

I've Got Your Music (Golden Filter Remix) - Saint Etienne

Two great tastes – Saint Etienne and Golden Filter. Not much else to say.

Flaws (Walter Sobcek Remix) - Bastille

Ever hear a song and think, “If I could only sing, I’d want to sound just like this guy”. Well, for me it’s Bastille….that voice is sexy and rough and British. The original isn’t much of a dance track, as his other stuff is, but this feels airy.

Princess Beatrice Royal - Hat Muscles

I love this guy. He is also Australian and he makes whatever music he wants. This track is just dumb but it’s fun. Again, like me.

Everybody (Full Extended Mix) - Madonna

Was I really going to not insert my queen? I thought it too obvious. But this track just celebrated it’s 30th birthday. Besides making me feel old, it can’t be denied that this track launched a career that launched a thousand other careers that impact a lot of what we listen to. “Feel the beat, and step inside”…that’s what it’s all about. So eat it.

EMB 123 - stereogamous deviants promo mix
September 21, 2012 01:37 AM PDT


Stereogamous - Sydney, Australia

EMB is happy to be hosting stereogamous' deviants promo mix!

Folsom Street Events has again partnered with San Francisco’s biggest queer nightlife darlings Honey Soundsystem and Hard French to bring you DEVIANTS ADULT ARCADE: The Official Folsom Street Fair Closing Party. Go here for more info.

EMB 122 - DJ BRD (Donovan Whitehurst)
September 19, 2012 10:10 AM PDT


EMB 122 - DJ BRD (Donovan Whitehurst)


Intro: A little about me: I’m originally from San Diego, a San Francisco resident since 1999, and I have a little secret.  I’m pretty new to DJing (aside from a 2-year college radio stint in the mid-90s), having played my first live set at a Palm Springs leather bar the night before the Coachella Music Festival in 2001.  That night, I played a mix of indie-alternative rock and dance music, and it went over well enough that I was asked to play another event, and from there, was asked to start playing locally in San Francisco.  

Nowadays I host a monthly night at the Lone Star Saloon in San Francisco called REDDROXX, where I play a few styles of music not dissimilar to what you’ll hear here on this EMB mix tape.  I like a lot of different kinds of music (my motto is, ‘if it has soul, I’ll probably like it&rsquowinking, but my early influences come largely from 80’s new wave, anything on the college radio charts I could get my hands on, to early 90’s techno and deep house.  Not all of the music I play is electronic-based, but the selections here all have electronic influences and veer towards the indie rock and pop sound I grew up loving.  Sometimes they make me dance, make me dream, make me sing, and always feed my soul.  This set is mostly up-tempo, but it slows down a bit at the end intentionally, as this is how I usually end my sets on a more chilled out note.  On headphones or speakers, I hope you enjoy it!

 The tracklist:

  1.  “City” - Lo-Fi-Fnk - A friend of music turned me onto this English dance-pop unit over Lazy Bear a few years back, and this particular song always stuck out to me, as unapologetically queer, and hopeful about the feelings you get when you leave a small town for the bigger and brighter lights of a big city.  
  2. “Against The Wall” - Young Empires - The last time I played this Canadian band, a super cute bear came up to my booth exclaiming, “I just texted my cousin that I am in a bear bar and they are playing your song. This is his band!” He took a picture of my setlist and sent it to him, and the cousin immediately texted him back to say he loved being played in a bear bar.  Hence, I’m a fan of them and this song.
  3. “My Love Is Better” - Annie - How this girl has not broken through stateside while other talentless, processed girl singers do I will never understand.  There are sparkling gems on both of her albums.
  4. “Default” - Django Django - This Scottish band’s album came out early this year overseas, and we are finally getting our taste of it in the US as of a couple of weeks ago. It was worth the wait. I fell in love with this song from the first notes, and by the time you hear this, I have a feeling more people will have as well.
  5. “Sinful Nature” - Bear in Heaven - All I can say is if you are listening to this on headphones, you might want to do yourself a favor and put this one on LOUD on good speakers.  This may be one of the best albums of 2012.
  6. “Fall in Love With the Enemy” - MNDR - My buddy turned me onto her EPs after catching her open for someone else, and with every single release, I’ve been more anxious for the full album. It finally came out a month or so ago, and like Annie, I’m a bit shocked more people haven’t picked up on how good she is.
  7. “No Sex For Ben” - The Rapture - Originally a cut made for the “Grand Theft Auto” soundtrack, it’s an aggressive slice of electro-funk that I love love love. (BTW, they’re fantastic live if you ever get the chance.)
  8. “Fame” - Santigold - This girl has bucketloads of talent, and successfully dips into a number of different genres and influences to show it off. I danced harder to her set at Coachella than I did to any of the music out of the dance tent, and that’s saying something.
  9. “Babes” - Icky Blossoms - This bass line is so sexy to me...I can’t describe it. 
  10. “The Look” - Metronomy - One day, I hope you get to visit Paris and walk the streets listening to this song on headphones.  I daydream of Paris architecture and French kisses every time I hear it.
  11. “The Night” - School of Seven Bells - I’m drawn to songs that make me stop what I’m doing and dream about something else. And for some reason this song makes me dream about running up a mountaintop fighting off ninjas.  True story.
  12. “Deli” - Delorean - After a full day of fighting ninjas, I usually like to cool down by dancing a bit. And this song puts me in my happy-fun-dancing-time mood.
  13. “Straight Back” - Washed Out - This band cannot help their effect on me.  When I hear Washed Out, I think of that kiss in “From Here to Eternity” (google it, it’s famous).  But without all the salty water, seaweed, and sand getting in uncomfortable places. His albums are made to make love to.  And the best thing about this song? It’s a Fleetwood Mac cover that sounds nothing like the original, and is its’ own beautiful beast.
  14. “Obedear” - Purity Ring - Thank you, Canada, for giving us this band, and this chilly, beautiful track.  This is ‘stop-where-you-are-and-ask-WHO-IS-THIS?’ music.
  15. “Let Me Be Him” - Hot Chip - “In Our Heads” is probably their most consistently great album since “The Warning”, so I had a hard time choosing which one of their songs I would include here, finally deciding on this one. It’s epic, romantic by half, and SUPER STONY at the end (Sample lyric: “All this sensamilla is gonna be the death of me&rdquowinking. It’s not often a nearly 8 minute song holds your attention the entire time, and they do it TWICE on the new album.
  16. “Superheroes” - Esthero - Vinyl pops, electric piano, a bassline that sounds like it’s drowning, harps, a lulling voice, I can’t explain why this is one of my all-time favorite songs.  But it is.
  17. “Doot-Doot” - Freur - Finally, I knew I wanted to end on one flashback influence in this set, as I often mix in some new wave in any set I do.  I can still remember hearing this at 11 years old and thinking, ‘this is unlike anything I have ever heard before...and I love it.’ It’s no surprise to me that two of the members of this band went on to form Underworld.
EMB 121 - Poty PomPom
August 26, 2012 09:54 AM PDT


Poty PomPom - Madrid, Spain


Jose Mª aka Poty PomPom has been a lover of electronic music at a young age listening to artists like Art of Noise, Kraftwerk, Jeff Mills, etc. It has always been related to people who are dedicated to electronic music, trying to learn from them and discover new sounds and understand the electronics as a way of life and as an artists concept. Poty is usually more on the dance floor instead of in the DJ booth. Have ever been asked to play  at private parties and independent, raves and in the odd fashion festival across the Spanish geography. Currently working on a Belgian radio with Dj Athome providing one set a month, http://www.radiopanik.org/spip/

Track List:

  1. Function - Obssesed (Original Mix)
  2. Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Theory Of Radical Structures ( Orphx Remix )
  3. Developer – Sin Luz ( Original Mix )
  4. Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Psychological Scene Of The Ima ( Original Mix )
  5. Hironori Takahashi – Lasver ( Max M Remix )
  6. Milton Bradley – The Dark Of The Psychic Unknown ( Original Mix )
  7. Brendon Moeller – Wanderer ( Original Mix )
  8. Fabrizio Lapiana – White Lines ( Original Mix )
  9. Bas Mooy – Kneel ( Original Mix )
  10. Phase – Binary Opposition ( Planetary Assault Systems Process )
  11. Agony Forces – Polar Era ( Ancient Methods Extended Mix )

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